Black & Bronze Dragon on Large Old World Map Book/box


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Black & Bronze Dragon on Large Old World Map Book/box

This adorable little sad Dragon is resting from a long journey. He’s completely hand sculpted and painted, no molds are ever used. Each little dragon is truly one of a kind. He’s placed on box that looks like a beautiful old world style book, and it looks and feels like leather. The interior is live with velvet fabric. He truly is a unique one of a kind item and will add a touch of fantasy and class to any end table or coffee table. Also what a great place to hide things in!
What an awesome unique little gift for yourself or someone you know! #360

* I also do special orders if you have something in mind you would like. For example this little guy could easily be done on a journal or wooden box, or in a different color on something else.

The book / box measures 10.5″ by 7″ wide and is 2.75″ inches deep.


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