Blue Dragon on Antique White Jewelry/Music Chest


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Blue Dragon on Antique White Jewelry/Music Chest
This beautiful blue dragon is one of the new style’s of dragons that I’ve been working on. He has pretty little gold metal accents on his wings and head. He’s resting on an Antique Jewelry/Music Chest that I found in one of my Antique shopping trips. All drawers do open and when the bottom one is pulled out the music plays. It’s in excellent condition and has been repainted and refurbished by me.
I have also signed and number it on the back for you. #437

The full chest measures 9″ tall (including dragon on top) 10″ wide and 5″ deep

* I also do special orders if you have something in mind you would like. For example this little guy could easily be done on a journal or wooden box, or in a different color on something else.


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