Brown Key Mater Series Dragon on Large Book box


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Brown Key Mater Series Dragon on Large Book box
This fellow turned out awesome!!! This is the first in a new series I’m calling my “Key Master” Series. Instead of horns on his head he has 4 little wing charms. I love the look of the metal with the clay!
All of my Dragons are all sculpted and painted by hand! I do use any molds at all! He’s resting from a very long flight on this beautiful high quality old world style book, which looks and feels like leather. ( I do believe it is Faux Leather) In side the box is lined with a burgundy fabric which gives it a nice finishing touch. #361

What a great way to add fantasy and old world flavor to that special place in your home.

I am now accepting orders for other colors and on the other chest and books for dragons in this series.

This little guy is huge compared to most of my dragons! As you can see he barely fits in my light box. The book measures 12.25″ long by 8.25″ wide by 2.25″ inches deep!


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