Game Of Throne’s Inspired Dragon Small Egg Set w/Chest


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Game Of Throne’s Inspired Dragon Small Egg Set w/Chest
Game Of Thrones, fantasy, Dragon Chest, Mother of Dragons, gift, GOT, dragons, Hobbit, Pern W/Chestt W/Chest Chose your own color

Each egg is about 8″ in circumference and about 4″ tall. They do vary slightly as they are each hand made to look like old stone! They have also been weighted so they feel real. Each one weighing about .5 lbs.

They are individually unique as each one is completely hand made from scratch. No two are ever a like. They have lots of cool texture have been distressed and painted to really look as though they are very old!

This set has not been made yet… you can pick your own color of eggs and it will be ready to ship in just a couple of days! Or you can chose the standard colors shown in the first image.

They are in a chest that is 9″ long and 5.50″ wide and 4.75″Tall.


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