Handmade Polymer Clay Purple Wizard Dragon Sculpture Decor


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Handmade Polymer Clay Purple Wizard Dragon Sculpture Decor
“Wizard Dragons” are the newest series addition to my “Sad Little Dragons”! They are so adorable you’ll want to collect them all!

Inspired by my original “Sad Little Dragons”, These new little dragons are done in a mixed media style, I pulled from my tool box of paper crafting and sculpting to create them.
They are each hand sculpted from polymer clay. I do tend to mix my own colors most of the time and I don’t use any molds. I have also handmade and embellished the wings with glitter, copic markers, metallic paints, rinestones, and finally beautiful chunky glitter glass. I have also embedded Swavorski crystals into the clay on his little tail and added some “Stickles” to some of his scales. He’s all glittery and full of mystical cuteness!

Each dragon measures roughly 3.5″ tall x 4″wide x 2″ deep. *** PLEASE NOTE- each one is hand sculpted sizes may vary slightly!!!

Each one is also signed and number by me.

*** I also do custom orders all the time, just send me an e-mail


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