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King of Cups Purple Dragon Limited Edition Print


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King of Cups Purple Dragon Limited Edition Print
The King of cups is a painting I did for the Tarot 78 Project. Which is a collaboration of 78 Artist from around the world who came together to make one amazing Tarot Deck! It was such an honor to be a part of that project!
What is the meaning behind this you might ask?….King of Cups
The Cups are emotional cards, and the King is no exception. But he is the King of his feelings, they do not control him, he controls them. He is a balanced, happy, caring character, compassionate and considerate of others. I believe that if anyone would have complete control over their emotions it would be a wise and ancient creature such as a Dragon. I also think that in there wisdom they would watch over and guide all other creatures, including humans who as a species is very young and has much to learn.

A beautiful 10×16″ LIMITED EDITION fine art fantasy print! This is a professional print made from my original Digital Painting on stretched canvas all ready to hang! After printing they are cover with a UV protective gloss that helps protect against scratches and UV rays of course. It is also signed and number on that back as well as the front. This one is #2 of 25! After 25 I will no longer make these!

I would be happy to sign or personalize your print on the front or back at your request.

The copyright water mark and 78Tarot Logo is just for the internet, it’s not on the actual canvas print.


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