Original Mixed Media Nautical Steampunk Art collage assemblage


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Original Mixed Media Nautical Steampunk Art collage assemblage

This is another of my new original mixed media pieces. This one is done in a nautical steampunk theme. There are several handmade embellishments on this piece including the tenticals which are hand sculpted from polymer clay and then painted.
I’ve also used a large array of items to make this piece. Acrylic paint, spray paint, flowers, found objects, texture paste, stencils, chip board, polymer clay, as well has metallic paints and other items. That’s what I love about mixed media, anything goes! Sometimes its fun just to look at the piece for a while to see how many different things you can find. I always have so much fun creating pieces like this one. They really do make me happy and allow me to just be creative without any rules! If you enjoy looking at this one then please follow the Etsy link and go check out all my other work. Please note that I can always make another that would be similar if you’d like it in a different color of if this one has already sold.

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